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advanced Integrated Lab
consists of Department of Pathology, Department of Radiology, non invasive cardiology (TMT & Echocardiography) & Endoscopy. The pathology lab has latest equipments like Randox Daytona, Autoanalyser, Siemens Centaur CP, Minividas, Horiba Cell counter and Bio Rad D10 and is supervised by an experienced pathologist. All hormonal tests, biochemistry, cytopathology and histopathology are done at this tertiary care laboratory. Other pathology laboratories do send samples to DEW pathology for relaible and accurate reports. The Endoscopy unit has latest endoscopes and viewing systems backed by the experinced endoscopist and surgeon Dr. Sudhir Tomey. The conference hall of the center is used for patient education and staff training sessions.
collaborated with Central India’s leading Diagnostic centers
At Dew Diagnostics we process chemical, bio physical and radiological investigations with the help of high end precision laboratory devices like Randox Daytona + and Advia Centaur CP. We have collaborated with Central India’s leading Diagnostic centers for performing rare examinations to understand some of the unique and rare disorders in the field of medical science.
Pathology Laboratory
X Ray
TMT Echo